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Oil dipstick tubes for ford escort

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Ford escort vct issue

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The codes may indicate a lean fuel condition or a lack Ford escort vct issue heated oxygen sensor HEGO switching. With the engine warm and idling, add the long-term and short-term fuel trim numbers together. To confirm the leak, rev the engine to 2, rpm and hold. Add the numbers together. To find the vacuum leak, try pinching off individual vacuum hoses one by one while watching the SHRTFT number on your scan tool. If no hose leaks are found, the problem may be a leaky intake manifold gasket. Try feeding propane around the gasket. A code P would indicate a solenoid malfunction. The diagnostic procedure involves hooking up a scan tool and a pin breakout box, running the engine at 2, rpm, and momentarily connecting a jumper wire between PWR GND pin and pin 44 pin 45 on returnless fuel injected engines on the breakout box to cycle the VCT system on and off.

Repeat this procedure 20 to 30 times to cycle the variable cam timing system. No change would indicate a fault in the system. Schematic for Variable Camshaft Timing solenoid If the VCT system appears to be cycling normally, turn off the engine, then restart it. Ford recommends changing the oil and filter as dirty oil or debris in the oil may cause the VCT system to stick. The VCT system requires a minimum of 50 psi oil pressure on start up for the system to function properly. The cure is to reseal the cowl grill center joint gap with RTV sealer.

Servicing Ford 4-Cylinders: Contour, Escort, EXP, Focus, Probe, Ranger & Tempo

Ford escort vct issue revised PCM calibration has been developed to improve these conditions. This condition may be caused by small stones, road debris, ice or snow packed or lodged in the rear engine roll restrictor. The cure here is to inspect and clean the rear engine roll restrictor, and to install a service shield, if necessary, to keep debris out of this area. The MAF sensor can Ford escort vct issue contaminated by dirt, oil, silicon, spider webs or potting compound from the sensor itself. When a MAF sensor gets contaminated, it over-estimates air flow at idle causing the fuel system to go richand under-estimates air flow at high air flows causing the fuel system to go lean. This means long-term fuel trims will learn lean negative corrections at idle and learn rich positive corrections at higher air flows.

If the vehicle is driven at wide open throttle WOT or high loads, the fuel system normally goes open loop rich to provide maximum power. If the MAF sensor is contaminated, the fuel system will actually be lean because of under-estimated air flow. During open loop fuel operation, the vehicle applies LONGFT corrections that have been learned during closed loop operation.

These corrections are often lean corrections learned at lower air flows. One way to spot this kind of contamination is to note the barometric pressure reading as displayed on your scan tool. At high air flows, a contaminated MAF sensor will under-estimate air flow coming into the engine, hence the PCM infers that the Ford escort vct issue is operating at a higher altitude. Driveability symptoms that can be caused by a contaminated MAF sensor include Escort passport radar units of power, spark knock Ford escort vct issuebucking or jerking, hesitation or surge on acceleration, MIL lamp and the following DTCs: Use a scan tool to look at the estimated BARO reading, and compare the value to a chart for your elevation pressure changes with altitude.

I had the fuel filter and pump and coil replaced because I was having a problem starting it. The problem persisted but the mechanic said he didn't know what it was. The engine performance was always good, engine service light never came on until the car stopped. I live 80 moles from the nearest mechanic so I was hoping someone could tell what could be wrong with it. Its already cost me hundreds just to find out the mechanic was stumped. If you have a scanner you can extract that code and it will point us in the direction of the problem. Now, in absense of a code, has the timing belt ever been changed on this car? If not, I suspect that it has slipped or broken and that is the problem.

It will both make the car quit running and can make strange sounds when valves hit piston tops. Severe damage may have occurred if the belt broke. If it only slipped you might have dodged a bullet.